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: ACE Fair 관리자 : Thu, 19 August 2021, 10:03 AM

2021 Game Culture Talk Concert

< Game Culture Talk Concert >

◆ Date: 21.09.11. (SAT), 11:00 ~ 12:00 

◆ Venue: the stage in the exhibition  

◆ Host: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 

◆ Organizer: Korea Creative Content Agency, Game Culture Institution 

◆ Contents: Understanding the game culture of children who have changed as time to use onlin increases, improve relationships and communications between parents and children. 

Understanding children's game culture through education and Q&A session by experts in the  humanities career field and guiding how to play game appropriately. 

◆ Fee: Free         ※ First come, first served closing / A free gift will be given to participants in advance reservations 

◆ Speaker: two professional speakers in game-culture field

◆ Registration: NAVER Reservation (→  Click here to move to the website) 

◆ Contact: 안다영 Ahn Da-Young 

                    Tel) 02-586-3709

                    E-mail) dyahn@gameculture.or.kr

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