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: ACE Fair Secretariat : Thu, 27 April 2023, 1:21 PM

2022 ACE Fair Result

ACE Fair 2022

1. Purpose 

○ 「Gwang ju Asian Culture Hub City」 Brand Value Enhancement

○ Performing the fuctions of a market venue for the Content Industry, attracting and inviting investment, and Promoting Exports

○ Providing opportunities for the public to experience culture throough diverse content exhibitions

2. Overview

 Title : 2022 Gwang ju ACE Fair 

○ Date : 2022.September 22th(Thu) ~ September 25th, 4Days 

○ Venue : Kimdaejung Convention Center 

○ Program : Exhibition, Global Business Meeting, Content Developer Conference(CDC), Special Events ect 

○ Scale : 398Companies(35Countries) [Korea 362, Overseas 36], 485 Booths 

               173Buyers [Korea 52, Overseas 121]

○ Visitors : 319,960 people (Offline 22,760 people, Online 297,200) 

○ Host : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea / Gwangju Meropolitan City 

○ Organizer : Kimdaejung Convention Center (KDJ Center), Guangju Information & Content Agency (GICON),

                      Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Association (KCTA), Gwangju Institute of Design Promotion(GIDP),

                      Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

○ Sponsers : Gwangju Ministry of science and ICT, Korea Communications Commission, Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy(MOTIE) 

○ Sponsorship : Yonhap News, Korea Professional Broadcasting Corporation(KBS), Yonhap Informax, NC, MBN, KCTV 

                          Korea Economic TV

3. Major Exhibitors and buyers

▶ Overseas Companies

1) Exhibiting Conpanies : ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited, Taipei Multimedia Production Association (TMPA),

                                         Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) ect

2) Buyer : PT Metropolitan Televisindo (RTV), Groupe M6, MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System), TVN (Television Nacional de Chile),

                CANAL3, EME+(WEFA), America TV, Blue Media etc

▶ Korea Companies

1) Broadcasting : CJENM, Korea Broadcasting System(KBS), Daekyo Kids TV, Kids Broadcasting, Seoul STB, Very Media, Cineon TV 


2) Animation, Character : Studio Button, Monster Studio, IKONIX, T-DANG BEAT, Studio Double Ubaba, Ice Cream Studio, Black Studio

                                         Campfire Anyworks, Studio TNT, Gold Frame, Sang Dan Studio, Anyzak, Funy Flux, Studio Gail ect

3) Digital content : Gray bridge, Pepper stone, GNICT, UNIZ Soft, WIZISS, Genie Soft, Smart Cube, Newzak, Stormi Games, J.cuvNT,

                              Toyco Korea ect

4) Organization / Others : Gwangju Information & Content Agency (GICON), Gangwon Informaiton & Culture Foundations

                                         Game Cultural Foundation, korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA),

                                         Daegu Digital Industry Pormotion Agency (DDIPA), 

                                         Jeonnam Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (JIPIA),

                                         Gyeonggi Content Agency, Gwangju Design Center, Korea Character Industry Association (KOCCA), 

                                         Korea Character Association, Korea Smart Convergence Industry Assocation, Busan Animation Center,

                                         Korea Copyright Commision, Korean Animation Producers Association (KAPA),

                                         Korea Boardgames Industry Association (KBIA)

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