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: ACE Fair Secretariat : Fri, 28 April 2023, 1:18 PM

2023 ACE Fair Registration Guide(Exhibitors)

ACE Fair 2023 

Registration Guide

Exhibitors ver.

1. If you have participated in ACE Fair befor → Login for start register

    If you are new to ACE Fair → Sign up first to register

2. Click Exhibitor to start registration

3. Read the Terms and Regulations and check the boxes below. Then, click Proceed to apply

4. Complete Application Form by filling the blanks. Then click Submit

5. Click Apply to countinue

6. Read Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy and check the boxes below. Then Click OK

7. Fill out the form for exhibition details. Then, Click Save. If you see a massage, the basic information is complete

8. Fill out rest of the forms

  - Basic information is needed to exhibit your company

  - Exhibit Option is a form where you choose the option of your exhibition

  - Fascia Board Tiltle, Utilities and Furniture for Booth sections are needed if you choose OFFLINE exhibition options

    or VIRTUAL B or C options

  - Buyer invitiation is needed when you have particular buyers you want to meet

  - Exhibitor Pass is need to be filled if you ara attending exhibition on site

  - Event Holding is needed to be filled if you want any event you want to hold while you are in ACE Fair

9. After you finish the registration, DO NOT forget to Upload your company's Product PR You can go to Product PR Page by

    CLICKING Mypage

10. You can also check out your registration here CLICK Product PR to continue 

11. You can upload your company's products to promote

      The products can be uploaded much as you want And you can always delete or edit the list CLICK Regist to add the product

      The CLICK Complete Registration to finish

12. GO BACK to Mypage CLICK complete

13. CLICK Complete to finish registration

TIPS and INFO for Exhibitors

- Please check VENUE (offline exhibitor - ACE Fair Biz - Plaza, online exhibitior - Office) From ACE Fair secretariat

- After you complete the registration, You will soon receive Invoice from ACE Fair secretariat

- After you check your fee, please deposit the fee within 7days from receiving invoice

- If you don't deposit the fee within deadline, the invoice can be canceled

- The booth is first come, first serve basis. There is limited space for the ACE Fair exhibition, and due to the fact that there are

   not many exhibits inviting oversea participants, the booth can  be sold-out early

- The exhibitors who participate on site, can participate to networking party

※ Please refer to the attached file for a detailed guide with images

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