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: ACE Fair Secretariat : 2015-04-16

Gwangju ACE Fair Interview with Mayor of Flowering Center of Culture in Asia
19 September 2014 - 7:10pm
Jane Lee


BusinessKorea sat down with Park Chan-jun, director of this year's Gwangju ACE Fair, to speak about the cultural renaissance that Gwangju is fostering and its impact upon the rest of Asia. Director Park spoke at length about the initial goals of the fair and its subsequent evolution.


It has been nine years since the Gwangju ACE Fair launched. What was the initial goal of its establishment?

The key reason for launching the Gwangju ACE Fair was to open a global venue for exchanging cultural content in Gwangju. The first goal was to stimulate the cultural industry by creating a business model for the international cultural content industry. The second objective was to expand and strengthen the network among people in the cultural and entertainment content industry inside and outside Korea. The third goal was to develop cultural products based on traditional culture and arts. Along with the Hub City of Asian Culture Project, the ACE Fair is becoming one of the major exhibitions of the cultural industry in Gwangju.



Tell us some of the major achievements of the Gwangju ACE Fair.

" Gwangju ACE Fair covers all aspects of cultural content including broadcasting, video, games, characters, animation, edutainment, and licensing. The fair is growing steadily every year in the numbers of participating companies, buyers, and export consultations. In 2013, 404 companies in 649 booths from 40 countries, 223 foreign buyers, and 100,000 visitors came. 1,623 export consultations were made, and the export amount discussed there was US$260 million. Also, Gwangju ACE Fair earned the title of international exhibition by being certified by the Union des Foires Internationales, a world-acclaimed international exhibition organization. It was also certified as an international exhibition by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for four consecutive years, from 2010 to 2013. And also, it was selected by them as one of the most promising exhibitions for three consecutive years, from 2012 to 2014, making it Korea’s biggest cultural content exhibition. 


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