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YoungSeop LeeMayor of Gwangju

I think it is absolutely meaningful that we are hosting Asia Content & Entertainment Fair in Gwangju containing a conference on development of contents. Welcome and I truly would like to appreciate that you joined us under audio-visual conference as well as face-to-face arrangement in spite of difficult situation of COVID-19.
The 4th industrial revolution is speeding up more and more due to the COVID-19. In addition, a number of developments of contents grafting AI technology onto themselves with service business as contact-free and online culture are getting applied pretty much almost every day.
Accordingly, our role at ACE fair is getting crucial as time goes by. It is the 16th Fair this year with the number of 308 companies from 30 countries and business consulting or making agreements are expected to happen since approximately 170 buyers participated in the Fair even in this serious situation of COVID-19.
We are especially looking forward to seeing the conference on ‘the Metaverse (cyberspace) and more’. Metaverse used to be known just as a visual world, however it is getting becoming a part of human lives nowadays. A lot of the best domestic and international experts on this Metaverse, 5G, OTT, and future commerce and so forth will be providing information of changes on contents-based business in the world and plus looking for the methods of dealing with in the future by terms of sharing their experience and know-how as well as the technology and service.
We, Gwangju city will make an effort to help this new movement willingly. One of the centers of AI, Gwangju is struggling to have improvements on competitiveness in the businesses such as cars, energy, healthcare, and culture-contents applied with AI. Most of all, Gwangju is focusing on building a complex of AI industries as a national business. Furthermore, it is supposed to have a national AI data center to meet world standard as well.
We will try to keep having conversations with the parties concerned and opportunities to carry out exchange things related like information one another through this infrastructure, R&D, and cultivating men of talent and the like for creating a synergy effect not only in Gwangju, the Rep. of Korea but also in other countries in the world.
Once again, I want to express my gratitude to your valuable interest and your joining in this ACE Fair and the conference on development of contents.

JOO JeongminChairman of 2021 Gwangju ACE Fair Promotion Committee

The content market is being transformed because of the advancement of digital technology and the expansion of high-speed network. As the content industry has been combined with the new technology of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as AI, data, and the Internet of Things, its whole process, including planning, production, distribution, and consumption, is rapidly changing. The content value chain is moving into the era of metaverse that works in the virtual world beyond the real.
In the metaverse era, the content has features of the convergence of technology and service, the combination of virtuality and reality, and the removal of separation between producers and users. How efficiently it responds to the change of technology and service decides its competitiveness. Now, the content and service cannot be survived unless it does reflect the change of the world quickly enough.
The content technology is recently moving forward to the Digital Twin beyond the metaverse. The digital technology advancement makes the scope of the content market and industry expand infinitely. Therefore, we are holding this event to notice the change of content technology and industry, predict the content market in the future, and seek for the ways to respond.
We invited the best experts from home and abroad in the metaverse, 5G, OTT, and Future Commerce. We would like to share the latest content technology and service, and moreover, experiences and know-how with each other. This event will be useful to aware about its upcoming change and future, and get new ideas.