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Event Schedule

Session Program Venue 9.9(Thu) 9.1(Fri) 9.11(Sat) 9.12(Sun)
Exhibition Exhibition Hall O O O O
Opening Ceremony (Including Orchestra) Multipurpose HallⅠ O
2021 Metaverse Ship
Metaverse Experience Theme-zone
Exhibition Hall O O O O
Special Zone Media Facade Special Hall Exhibition Hall O O O O
Naver Shopping LIVE Exhibition Hall O O
Global Online Business Meeting Exhibition Hall O O O O
Large&Small Business Meeting Exhibition Hall O
Supplies & Toy IP Licensing Meeting Exhibition Hall O O O
Global Web-toon Meeting Exhibition Hall O O O O
Conference CDC
(Contents Develop Conference)
Multipurpose Hall Ⅰ O
2021 Gwangju Youth Dream Conference Multipurpose Hall Ⅱ O
Digital Therapy,
Ask the way for South Korea to go (The road to k-DTx)
Meeting Room O
PP-so Win Win Cooperation Seminar Meeting Room O
KCTA SO Seminar Meeting Room O
Webtoon PD Academy Meeting Room O
Video promotion training for fair press Meeting Room O O O
2021 Seminar of training and technical consultation agencies in charge of IPTV and satellite broadcasting disaster broadcasting association Meeting Room O O
2021 Game Culture Talk Concert Exhibition Hall O
Game-Healing Workshop(private) Meeting Room O
Fun coding training with children Meeting Room O O O O

Special Broadcasting
TBS Chuseok Special
<Family Outing>
Exhibition Hall O
Special Cooking show Exhibition Hall O
<그곳에 살아본다>
Exhibition Hall O
ACE Talk Show with
Semin Park
Exhibition Hall O
Job on the spot Exhibition Hall O
Triangle Market Multipurpose Hall Ⅰ O O
Boardgame competition & Experience Exhibition Hall O O
Costume Festival Exhibition Hall O O
The 14th National Youth Broadcasting Content Contest Outdoor Plaza O
Illustrators’ Fan Signing event & Live drawing show Exhibition Hall O O
Bubble Show Exhibition Hall O

- [Events are subject to change due to the circumstances. Please call (+82)62-611-2240 if you have any questions.]