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Floor Space Only

- Only provide a raw space. Exhibitors should apply for all other utilities including basic furnishing (US$ 1,500)
- Should not be higher than 4m

Shell Scheme Booth

- The organizer provides a standard or premium booth with basic furnishing

Standard Booth
- Fee: US$ 2,000

- Size: 9㎡ (3x3m)

- Package: Back&side walls, carpet, lighting, fascia,
               power supply(1kW), reception counter,
               roundtable, 3 chairs

Premium Booth (Block)
page02-04.png - Fee: US$ 2,500 (Minimum participation unit: 4 booths)

- Size: 9㎡ (3x3m)

- Package: Back&side premium walls, carpet, lighting,
               fascia, power supply(1kW), reception
               counter, round table, 3 chairs

- 2 free E-Newsletter advertisement (Two times)
- Free advertisement in the official directory (Inner page)
※ The above booth design can be flexible

Booth Application Details

Electricity Daytime Only Single Phase 220V US$ 60 / kW
Three Phase 220V
Three Phase 380V
24 Hours Single Phase 220V US$ 70 / kW
Three Phase 220V
Three Phase 380V
Telephone Domestic US$ 100 / Set(s)
International US$ 150 / Set(s)
Internet Line US$ 90 / Set(s)

Directory Advertisement

Back Cover: US$ 3,000 / P

Backpage of Cover~20p: US$ 1,500 / 2P

Backpage of Backcover~10p: US$ 1,000 / 2P

Inner Pages: US$ 500 / 2P

※ Pricing for regular exhibitors