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01. Definition
① The term “buyer” shall include all employees, servants and agents of any individual company, partnership firm or organization who have applied as a buyer.
② The term “fair” shall mean the Gwangju ACE Fair 2024 (Asia Content and Entertainment Fair 2024)
③ The term “fair management” shall mean Kimdaejung Convention Center in 30, Sangmunuri-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju, 61958, Rep. of Korea
02. Participation
① The buyer who wishes to attend the exhibition must submit the application form to the fair management.
② When the application form is submitted, the proof of buyer criteria (business certificate, invoice or official letter) must accompany the application form. The fair management can reject the acceptance of the application form if the company is not applicable as a buyer.
③ The buyer must notify to the fair management immediately if there is any changes of the documents. If not, the buyer will be responsible for disadvantages that occur from it.
④ The fair management, as needed, can restrict particular person(s) from entering the exhibition hall.
03. Cancellation and/or Change of participation
① In the event that the buyer cannot attend the fair, the buyer must notify to the fair management by e-mail directly. The fair management will confirm the cancellation according to ACE fair 2024 regulations.
② In the case of article 4.1, the buyer notifies the cancellation of attending the fair before 16th August 2024.
04. Cancellation and / or change of exhibition
The fair management reserves the right to change the venue and duration of the fair under exceptional circumstances. In this case, the buyer cannot claim for compensation for it.
05. Business Meeting
① The buyer shall schedule meetings in advance using the on-line Pre-Scheduled Appointment system by the date notified by the fair management.
② In case of a qualified buyer, he or she must attend at least 10 business meetings during the fair and must be accompanied by a translator designated by the fair management. If the qualified buyer fails to attend 10 meetings voluntarily, he or she must attend additional meetings specified by the fair management.
06. Safety and Insurance
① The fair management shall be responsible for the security for buyers and visitors.
② The buyer shall be solely responsible for damage and theft of personal items.
③ The buyer shall be solely responsible for the damage of the fair management and other people that occur by the buyer’s intention or negligence.
④ The fair management can prohibit or restrict particular items for maintenance of exhibition order, safety and prevention of troubles.
07. Fire prevention
① All the materials for exhibition must be fireproof.
② The fair management, as needed, can demand corrective measures for fire prevention to the buyer.
08. Additional Rules and Regulations
① The fair management, as needed, can add condition(s) that is(are) not in the terms and regulations for participation.
② The added condition(s) is(are) also the part of the terms and regulations for participation, the buyers shall follow the added condition(s).
③ In 2024 buyer incentives are no longer available under the regulation
09. Settlement of the dispute
The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board will arbitrate all disputes in connection with these terms & regulations between the fair management and the buyer such as rights and duty. The decision made by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board shall be taken as final and binding upon both parties. Both parties cannot complain to the courts regarding the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board’s decision.