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Terms of Service

01. Definition
① In this terms and regulations for participation, the term “exhibitor” shall include all employees, servants and agents of any individual company, partnership firm or organization who have applied for space for the purpose of exhibiting.
② The term “Fair” shall mean the Gwangju ACE Fair 2020(Asia Content and Entertainment Fair 2020)
③ The term “fair management” shall mean Kimdaejung Convention Center in 30 Sangmunuriro(1159-2 Chipyeong-dong), Seo-gu, Gwangju, 502-828
02. Participation
① The exhibitor who wishes to attend the exhibition must submit the application form to the fair management.
②  When the application form is submitted, the application fee (booth fee, utility service application fee) must accompany the application form. The contract will take effect when the application fee is paid. In the event that exhibition space is fully occupied, the fair management can reject the acceptance of the application form. Depending on the exhibition circumstance, the fair management can also refund the application fee within 15 days from the date of the acceptance.
③ The exhibitor must notify to the fair management immediately if there is any changes of the documents. If not, the exhibitor will be responsible for the disadvantage that is occurred from it.
03. Space Allocation
① The fair management can determine the allocation of the booth considering exhibitor’s nationality, type of exhibits, company location as well as exhibitor’s choice. The exhibitor can not take exception to the fair management’s decision.
② If there is a particular reason before stand construction, the location and area of booth that was chosen by exhibitor can be changed or reallocated. The exhibitor shall cooperate on demand of the fair management but Force Majeure.
04. Managing Booth
① The exhibitor shall display exhibit items that are stated on the application form. Exhibitors are advised to have their staff(s) look after their own exhibit items.
② If the exhibit items are different from listed ones or do not fit exhibition’s feature, the fair management can have the exhibitor move-out or carry-out. If the exhibitor sells the exhibit items in the booth without prior approval, the fair management can have it stopped. Under this circumstance, the application fee cannot be refunded and the exhibitor cannot claim for it.
③ The fair management, as needed, can restrict particular person(s) from entering the exhibition hall.
④ The exhibitor cannot transfer, resale or exchange all or part of the allocated booth space to other people without the fair management’s approval.
⑤ The exhibitor cannot damage the floor, ceiling, column, wall, etc. in the exhibition venue by painting and gluing. If do that, the exhibitor must be responsible for the damage and the fair management can demand compensation for it.
⑥ The fair management can prohibit or restrict the exhibit items or exhibition activities for maintenance of exhibition order, safety and prevention of troubles.
05. Payment
① The exhibitor must settle the 100% deposit including booth fee and utility service application fee after the invoice form is delivered, we shall deposit total price to Gwangju ACE Fair by 31th August, 2020. 
② In the event that the exhibitor doesn’t settle the application fee including booth fee and utility service application fee, etc, the fair management has the rights to defer the exhibitor’s participation or keep the exhibitor’s exhibit items until the exhibitor pays the full payment. 
06. Cancellation and/or Change of participation
① In the event that the exhibitor cancels all or part of the booth area, the exhibitor must notify to the fair management by e mail directly. According to the regulation of ACE fair, the fair management confirms the cancelation of them.
② In the case of article 6.1, the exhibitor notifies the cancellation of all or part of the booth area before July 31(Wed), the fair management will refund the 50% of the application fee. If the cancellation be notified later than August 1(Thurs), the organization will not refund application fee paid.
③ The application fee paid shall be refunded without interest.
07. Cancellation and / or change of exhibition
In the event of cancellation of fair by management, the application fee paid will be refunded. But if the cancellation is caused by force majeure, the fee will not be refunded. The fair management reserves the right to change the venue and duration of the fair of exceptional circumstance demand. In this case, the fee paid will not be refunded and the exhibitor cannot claim for compensation for it.
08. Construction and Exhibit items
The exhibitor shall complete the move-in the exhibition venue according the arrangements and within the time specified by the fair management.
09. Move-out
The exhibitor shall complete the move-out from the exhibition venue according the arrangement and within the time specified by the fair management, if the exhibitor postpones the move-out, the exhibitor will be totally responsible for the cost of delay.
10. Safety and insurance
① The fair management shall be responsible for the security for exhibitors and visitors.
② The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for damage and theft of exhibit device, items and materials during move-in, move-out and exhibition period.
③ The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for the damage of the fair management and other people that occur by the exhibitor’s intention or negligence. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for insurance of exhibit items and materials.
11. Fire prevention
① All the materials for exhibition must be fireproofing as the fire act.
② The fair management, as needed, can demand the corrective measures of fire prevention to the exhibitor.
12. Additional Rules and Regulations
① The fair management, as needed, can add condition(s) that is(are) not in the terms and regulations for participation.
② The added condition(s) is(are) also the part of the terms and regulations for participation, the exhibitor shall follow the added condition(s).
13. Settlement of the dispute
The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board will arbitrate all disputes in connection with this terms & regulations between the fair management and the exhibitor such as rights and duty. The decision made by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board shall be taken as final and binding upon both parties. Both of parties cannot complain with the court of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board’s decision

Privacy Policy

■ The purpose of the collection and use of personal information 

The company collected personal information for the following purposes. 

On the implementation of services and service providers in accordance with the contract price settlement 
  Content provided 
Membership Management 
  - Membership services for the usage of personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use of defective members and unauthorized use prevention, physician and confirmed, such as complaint handling complaints 

Utilized in marketing and advertising   - Advertising information and events transfer, hold, or frequency of the statistics for service members 

■ Personal data collected items 

Join the company, consulting, services, applications, etc. for the following personal information is collected. 

Items collected: name, date of birth, company name, company website, company address, industry, login ID, password, phone number, e-mail, access logs, cookies, IP information, company introduction, sales in 2019, founded the year, employees 
etc. How we collect personal information : Homepage(http://acefair.or.kr) Sign Up 

■ Period of possession and use of personal information 
About the collection and use of personal information after we achieve the purpose of the information without delay, without exception, be discarded.

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